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Your Local South Sydney Licensed Possum Catcher

Possum Removal - Possum Catcher

Possums are protected animals and cannot be harmed or killed and to remove them you'll need a possum removal license. ABC Pest Control has had their possum removal license for over 18 years now and has vast experience in safely catching and removing possums from homes in South Sydney.

ABC Pest Control has all the latest traps, cages and baits that are very effective in luring possums away from the comforts of your roof. Once captured, ABC Pest Control will safely transport them to the nearest park or forest and let them go.

As you are probably aware, possums are nocturnal creatures and are quite capable of making disruptive noises while you're trying to sleep. This results in sleep deprivation which can affect your performance at work, your attitude and your composure.

Same Day Possum Removal in the Following Locations:

About ABC Pest Control

ABC Pest Control has been removing and catching possums for over 18 years in South Sydney and can guarantee you an affordable, quick and effective possum removal service. ABC Pest Control is so confident in their service that they guarantee a same day removal guarantee for any possums in South Sydney.

To book your possum removal service in South Sydney today, please call ABC Pest Control on 1300 411 970.

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